Chris Kleisiaris: Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming
George Grigoriou: Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals


Smoldering embers, remnants of life
Seeking the amber preserving the vigilant eye

Wanderer in somber paths
Primordial guardian, rise from the ashes of time

The mourning reflection, pale and grotesque
Withering spirit, enduring the end…

Cry thy woe outwards, annihilate the pain
Soaring forever, within and beyond you will reign

Music: Chris Kleisiaris
Lyrics: Chris Kleisiaris
Written in February 2014

White Wall

By its own weight… shall collapse.

Climbing one another, forming the one wave.
Ready to savage whatever crosses its path.
Like the nightmare lurking in every stormy night…
Unexpected, silent, enormous; the wall towards you!

The unfailing fear is now true.
In its gaping chasm; The final act of your glorious ship…

Why shout, why scream?
Blessed by your idling it now stands tall
Immersed in comfort within its shadow
Never perceiving the absence of light

Relentless, the wave shatters your hopes
The immense complex corrodes away…
The violent embrace engulfs you in anguish
Your very last thoughts drown in remorse…

By its own weight… shall collapse. In time…

Music: George Grigoriou
Lyrics: George Grigoriou & Chris Kleisiaris
Written in November 2013

The Simpleton

A narrow scope of intellect to bear
is the choice among incentives in your hands
granted by the elemental course in through the path
that is engraved in every aspect of your early life

The realm spreads out before your eyes
but you raise the wall of ignorance inside
Thriving in denial of what lies beyond your glimpse
Locked in deterrence, you submit unto the inner hollow…

Countless times you’ve wondered how it ends
but the questions seem to vanish in the haze
hovering above the painful lies you have inhaled
through the years now left behind into the yester-maze

Bound to the doubt in barren quests
Forsaken struggle for an answer to embrace
Blinded by illusions of contentment and delight
Ever failing to reflect upon the void inside…

Music: Chris Kleisiaris
Lyrics: Chris Kleisiaris
Written in September 2013

Voices Forlorn

Forged within silence and struggled through storms
Marked by distortions, yielding to none

Amongst the dissonant crowds, (they) strived to withstand
Found solace in solitude and left a world deprived of their sound

Praised words, dominant in feeble minds, spread over the ages as divine

Unheard, the whisper turns to thunder inside
Under the glare the masses fail to behold

But the howling wind rages strong
to raze the malformed wisdom’s call

Let conscience ignite the gaze beyond
the ruins and embrace the true sight

Music: Chris Kleisiaris
Lyrics: Chris Kleisiaris
Written in April 2020