INNERTIA are a music band, formed and named in 2013, consisting of Chris Kleisiaris (Χρήστος Κλεισιάρης) and George Grigoriou (Γιώργος Γρηγορίου).

Chris and George first met while studying at the University of the Aegean, in the island of Samos. Shortly, they created the band “Puppets on a String”, mainly performing cover songs in various events.

After going separate ways, enriched with experiences and an overwhelming longing for creation, both Chris and George continued delving into their own quests within the music domain.

The ever-present, strong drive to give life to original compositions ultimately led them to re-unite, thus forming the band “INNERTIA”. Entwined with the band since its very inception, INNERTIA’s visual artist Mariora Kavakioti (Μαριόρα Καβακιώτη) created the “INNERTIA” logo. It all seemed to be coming together…

Ever since, the band have been writing lyrics and music, drawing inspiration from various genres, yet genuinely expressing the concept that lies within INNERTIA.